Vitamin B Deficiency and Benefits

Vitamin B Deficiency and Benefits Vitamin B1 contains thiamine from B complex family. Thiamine is needed for metabolism of carbohydrates. Thiamine is an essential nutrient for the body to use carbohydrates in our body. Symptoms of Vitamin B1 Deficiencies are heart failure, ear problem, irritability, edema, poor memory and digestion, fatigue, urine disorders, beriberi, weight… Read More Vitamin B Deficiency and Benefits


Vitamins and Their Symptoms

Vitamins and their Symptoms According to ayurveda each person take their vitamins through food or herbs that are easy to digest. Every dosha is bind with few vitamins. Ayurveda suggest to take coriander and cardamom with vitamins if you have low digestive fire to absorb vitamins and minerals. Ayurveda never advice for oily vitamins which… Read More Vitamins and Their Symptoms


Super Fruits List

Super fruits list and their affects Fruit is considered as most sattwik of all foods. Some of them use in India for worship of God.  They are health promoters, point to lightness, rejuvenate mind, promote clarity. Every fruit change its personality when deal in different manners. Example if fruit is dry then it will be… Read More Super Fruits List


The Six Tastes

The Six Tastes According to Ayurveda all foods and liquid contains 6 tastes. Sweet (Reduce Vayu and Pitta & increase Kapha) Salty (Reduce Vayu increase Pitta and Kapha) Sour (Reduce Vayu increase Pitta and Kapha) Pungent (Reduce Kapha Increase Pitta and Vayu) Bitter ( Reduce Pitta and Kapha Increase Vayu) Astringent (Reduce Pitta and Kapha… Read More The Six Tastes


Yoga Rules

Yoga Exercise classification It is difficult to classify the exact description of yoga in general because it has many sub categories. There are many aspects while doing yoga to classify it. It depends on how you are performing yoga whether you are exhaling the breath or inhaling while doing yoga. Key point is only you… Read More Yoga Rules


Asana(Yoga) Description

Asana is combination of life and nature out of which some poses reflects image of warriors, animals and plants. Virabhadra asana reflects attitude of worrier, Padmasana reflects lotus pose, vrkshasana reflects tree pose, simhasana reflects a lion pose, adho mukha asana reflects a dog pose, these are just not only names but also give same… Read More Asana(Yoga) Description

Yoga An Alternative Medical Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a Sanskrit term came from india by vedic rishies. Yoga means to unite, coordinate and energize. Yoga has the power to integrate the body, mind and spiritually to unfold hidden powers. Yoga increases the ordinary powers to exponential level beyond human limitations. Yoga secretly energies our body and natural intelligence power. it can… Read More Yoga Therapy