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How to determine which body type you have?


Vata:-  People comes in this category are usually thin, tall or small, light weight and small bones.

They have long fingers usually seen thin in childhood. They have weight in middle, small forhead, dark complexion. Body hairs seen curly mostly. They have small dark eyes, small neck and teeth are sensitive to cold and hot. They feels difficulty in gaining weight. Body remains most of the time cold state like cold hands and feets. Dry skin and cracked lips and dry hairs. They hate hot and love cold places. They have dry toung and eyes also looks dry. Most of them will be having irregular bowel movements. Dry waste and suffer from constipation. They face nervous system problems. Like to live fantasy life and sexual life varies. Always try to take rich foods and they are stricts to their diets.

They have receding gums and in old stage suffers mostly with joint pain problems. They have great concentration but for very short time. They have good memory power but forgets things very quickly also. They dislike routines and rules in life. They have the power of deciding difficulty level and change of mind according to that. They have seen restless, active and creative thinker. They try to make very few close friends and can manage multiple projects at once. Spend money implusively. Experience fears, like to do practice secretely. They are self destructive , anxious, nervous, flexible, communicative, changes feelings and emotions easily. Mostly dreams comes to them related to nightmare and flying.

Pitta:- people comes in this category are in medium size like medium bones, medium fingers. They can gain weight. They have medium forhead, teeth, eyes are green, grey, amber or blue eyes.

Medium neck, chin, fine light hairs in childhood. They have the ability to gain and reduce weight. Body remains hot when touch. Faces skin problems like pimples, rashes. They have lips color deep red. They most of them having oily skin. Tounge color can be found orange, yellow, red. Bowel loose more than twice a day. If they get ill their body having rashes, fiver and inflammation. Highly prone to sex. In case of women they bleed heavily. They love proteins, caffeine,  hot and spicy foods. They have bleeding gums, swelling joints and burning. They have long term memory power and logical in real world. They enjoy planning and organising. Can see the things clearly with rapid decisions. Aggressive in nature like competitions. They can make friends and enemies easily. Spend money to achieve in life. They experience hate, destructive nature, irritable, manipulative, anger, perceptive, caring, tolerance. They give opinions even if it is not asked to them. They dream about passion, colors,conflicts.

Kapha:- they are uncaring, feels victimize, greedy. Strong desirous, devoted to work, they have patients. Avoid giving opinions in difficult situations, short dreamer involving water, romantic in nature. Loyal in nature with many friends, like to relex, follow ideas and routines, they take time to learn things but when learn they never forget that. They faces joint loose and swollen body, thick gums, love to eat dairy products and sweets. They do steady and slow sex. They have moist lips dislike humidity, tolerable towards climates, gain weight easily. Skin feels cool, lustrous, large neck, thick in body, large teeths, they most of them have brown eyes. Weight gains on thighs and buttocks, heavy bone structure and small fingers.