Home Remedies

Natural home remedies for common diseases is an old age concept. It just not popular in 20th century. Natural home remedies are passed from one generation to other with trials and errors. Home remedies are always based on fruits, vegetables and spices found or available in house like seeds and nuts, vegetables and fruits. In ayurveda language every thing is medicine, even from soil medicine can be made. Above substances also contain medical properties. Which used to cure common diseases naturally with combination. They are tried and proven a great results if stick to basics in curing diseases. Scientific research have also proven great results and effective cure.  Ayurveda approches to live life happier, healthy , stress free and for longer. the father of medicine Hippocrates says, nature cure but not the physician.

Your food should be your medicine it is totally depend on you how and in which amount , varity you take this. Totally you are responsible for your good or bad health.  This website is totally based on foods which are easily available in home or can be buy from market.  The best part of natural home remedies are they have no side effects. None of the medicines here in site prescribed have potentially dangerous like modern allopathic drugs. Where ever i have prescribed medicines i have included a doctor advice on them first before use. This website is based on traditional home made recipes with nutritional diet and raw juice remedies for various diseases. While the use of allopathic drugs have increased, this site is trying it best to avoid them due to their hazardous effects. Let me give you an example. For example if you have cold instead of going to natural remedy to cure it early you goes with allopathic medicine. What that tablets or capsule or syrup will do now, they will suppress that cold instead of curing it from root and in future it will give a rise to breathing related problems, cuff problems, TB related problems nervous system problems . If you could try natural home remedy like taking steam of hot water it will unblock your all veins and through out the all waste which was the main cause of cold and save you from future diseases. There is one more benefit of using home remedy that will not cost you or cost very low price instead of this allopathic medicines cause higher price with future upcoming diseases risk and will make you prone to use them.  People have begun to question the safety , security, effectiveness, causes of mass production drugs which ultimately giving boost to home/herbal remedies. Home remedies can be used to prevent or treat diseases effectively. I have seen many people complain about home remedies that it did not cure them but my one question to them did you follow all diet rules. Diet is most important factor in curing any diseases. Suppose in a skin diseases if you are following home remedy but eating fast food, oily food, white flour, yeast build eatables, cheese, curd, sweets, salty foods then no drug or home remedy can cure you at any cost. So i request everyone not to waste money on expensive drugs and try to use home remedies in case of atleast common diseases.