Terminalia chebula(Harar, Haritaki)

As per Indian hindu books this tree was born from few drops of nector which fall from sky on to the earth during war between devtas and rakchasas. It is a medium size tree with brown bark. It seeds are 2 to 4cm long usually this tree found in Himalayas forests. It is also known by its common name harar on the name of lord shiva. It is also known by some other names too like haritaki(hara means lord shiva and taki is considered due to its presence in Himalayas a place of lord shiva according to hindu dharma), vijaya(conquer of all diseases), Rohini(means healing wound, ulcers, Amrita(nector), Shakla sreshta(best in all), Abhya(A fear for diseases),  Pachoni(Digestive), Bhisak priya(love by physicians), Jivanika( life promoting), Balyi( Strength), Amogh(Always beneficial), Airytha( Cure all diseases), Pramatha( finish all diseases from root) etc.

Three types of Haritaki use most in india

  1. Bal haritaki
  2. Harar
  3. Harar kabuli

Bal Haritaki is a fruit or a seed in immature black and small in size.

Harar it has different shapes and sizes and brown in color which is covered as hard shell.

Harar kabuli is two times larger and expensive than common harar. Due to its heaviness it sinks in water easily. Kabuli name tends to Kabul the capital of Afghanistan due to its biggest trading center. Harar kabuli is used in making medicines. Harar kabuli is strong purgative in nature in powder form. It creates a burning sensation in mouth when eat. Jalap harar is a substitute of Harar kabuli.


Uses of Harar

Harar tending to stimulate or facilitate evacuation of the bowels. Just a half tablespoon of immature seed powder with cold water before sleep. Immature seed can be used for a long time becaue of its non irritative or non heat nature. Immature harar seed is very effective for enlargement of spleen. If still it is not suiting you then mixing with equal quantity of ghee(should not  be butter) and can be take with water or milk. If still not suiting then it can also be take in the form of murabba of harar by adding sugar syrup.

Harar increase the immunity of the body and delays the old age effects. Harar kabuli powder should be taken just 3gm in morning on empty stomach. When winter just start it should be taken with ginger juice,  in the middle of the winter it should be taken with long pepper, in spring it should be taken with honey, in autumn with sugar and in rainy season should be taken with salt. Harar is also used as a antispasmodic, hypolipidaemic, in liver problems, as a laxative, as an immunomodulator, cardiotonic, cytoprotective effects, antimicrobial properties, in uraemia, rich in gallic acid, ellagic acid and glycosides.

Due to its astringent nature it cures chronic diarrhoea, dysentery, gum problems, ulcers.

Who should not use Harar?

People who are thin, weak or lean having poor digestion, during pregnancy, people who is having abnormal flow of blood in any part of the body.