Cure Eczema

Eczema is a kind of skin diseases in which skin has red rashes with intense itching. Eczema can be happen in any stage.

Eczema is of two types.

Dry Eczema

Wet Eczema

Eczema is a non infectious diseases. Real cause of Eczema is unknown. But seen usually happens due to sensitive skin and second is due to exposure to irritating things. General causes are seen due to family background, bad food habits, climate factors , age and physiological factors.

Most common factor seen till now is due to genetically. After that  physiological factors like stress and last due to come in influence of chemicals, cosmatics and wrong expiry medicines. In ayurveda skin diseases are considered due to bad food habits, changing climate and due to mental health.

Bad food habits cause skin diseases

Taking wrong food combination cause bad effect on our health like taking various grains with curd and buttermilk, taking black gram with oil, taking garlic and onion with milk, taking fish with milk which also increases the chance of lucoderma, using milk with alcohol, taking salty iteams with milk, use of honey with spicy food, use of lemon with milk, taking green vegitables with milk.

Physical habits that cause skin diseases

Taking physical exercise and just come in contact of sun, taking heavy food and come in contact of sun, no continuance in sleeping every night, if stomach is feeling burning inside and to do sex at that time,  drinking and coming in contact of cold water just after sunlight, suppressing natural urges.

Mental habits cause skin diseases

Taking mentally stress on body, suppressing anger inside the body. Jealousy suppression.

Eczema preliminary signs

Roughness of body, itching, skin rashes, not to sweat properly, pain , some numbness, ulcers, redness of body etc.

How to get rid of Eczema?

Some home remedies are below.

  1. Drink wheat grass juice daily 20 to 30 ml. It will start cleaning your body internally. You can also apply it on affected areas.
  2. Bath with luke warm water with few neem(azadirachta indica leaves) and one tablespoon turmeric in luke warm water.
  3. A paste prepared with azadirachta indica leaves, turmeric and sesame oil.
  4. Musk melon is also great remedie to cure eczema
  5. Giloy ras daily 20 to 30ml every morning to increase immunity.
  6. Mango pulp can be used. For this mango pulp and skin should be put in water for about half an hour after straining it. It should be applied as a lotion on affected areas.
  7. Bitter guard juice daily with squeezing lemon in it. Biter guard is a great enemy of skin diseases. It has the power to destroy skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, acnes.
  8. Taking beetroot juice with spinach. Decotation should be 300ml beetroot and 200ml spinach.
  9. Take few cloves of garlic. Boil some coconut oil and garlic together. Sieve the solution and let it cool down. After cooling apply it on affected skin.
  10. Wash the affected skin with combination of amla, harad and baheda. You can also buy triphala powder which is a combination of these three. Put 1 to 3 tablespoon powder accordingly in hot water let it cool down and then apply on affected area.
  11. Make a combination of coconut oil and camphor. Apply it on affected areas.
  12. Take one teaspoon sandalwood powder and one tablespoon camphor make paste and apply.
  13. Take pure sulphur grind it and mix it in mustard oil and apply to affect places.


What diet you should take?

As soon as possible leave sweet, salt.

You should not take curd during eczema or psoriasis.

Yeast making things make the condition worst.

Cheese, pizza, bread, meat aggravate eczema.

Take milk with turmeric.

Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, white flour. If you still want to take tea then first drink quater cup of water.

Take oranges in morning is good.

Avoid eating eggs, peanuts, fish, beef.


Some ayurvedic medicines to purify internally are below. Please take doctor advice first. Do not experiment directly.


  1. Manjisthadi kashahya with luke warm water thrice a day.
  2. Mahatikta kashaya thrice a day.
  3. Gandhak rasayana tablet thrice a day.
  4. Impurin syrup 2 tablespoon thrice a day.

Panchkarma therapy:- it could put a life in endanger if not followed accurately.

Snehana with panchtikta ghrita, mahatikta ghrita and gugguglu tikta ghrita.

Svedana with bashpa

Virechana with icchabhedi rasa , gomutra and triphala trivrit and katuki kashya

Raktamokshana with leech

Lepa with jeevantyadi yamaka

Ayurvedic medicines to apply externally are

Maha marichiyadi tail

Somraji tail

Immunedge gel

Rasottamadi lepam

Multani mitti

Always take advice with doctor before taking any medicine.