Cure Lucoderma

Lucoderma (vitiligo)

Vitiligo is a skin disease in which whole body gets covered with white patches in other form it means a white skin. This condition arises due to melanin(loss of pigmentation) from skin layers. However this condition does not harm externally but it breaks a self confidence of a affected person from inside because this disease is not 100% curable, it is a life long disease if not take care on time. Lucoderma is not a infectious disease or nor it cause by germs or bacteria. This ailment exact reason is not found yet but few reasons are given as follows. It may be due to heredity, bad food habits, gastric disorders, worries, impaired hepatic functions like parasites, jaundice, worms in alimentary canal, typhoid, burn injuries are its causative factors. According to ayurveda morbidity of the liver caused lucoderma. Which results in improper digestion caused by lower level of pitta in the body. Improper digestion affect blood, flesh and fat tissues.

Lucoderma usually starts with pale yellow patches which converted in to white patches slowly as time passes.  For a long time taking wrong food combinations like taking milk with fish or salt, salty foods, lime, salty salads, cheese can create this situation.

Home Remedies to Cure

Various home remedies are given below you can use any two or maximum three out of them.

A herb name bakuchi is used to cure lucoderma. For this we require one pound of bakuchi seeds make a paste in grinder by adding small water  or with honey and apply on affected skin.

For skin related diseases bitter gourd is considered as a great remedy. Peel a bitterguard and make a paste apply on affected areas as well as drink bitter gourd juice thrice a week.

Eating juvenile neem(azadirachta indica) 3 to 5 leaves  on empty stomach.

Apply basil leaves paste on affected skin also eat 5 to 6 leaves daily.

Bowel should be clean for that use amla or triphala powder in night before sleep with luke warm water.

For first two month leave salt related things even if it is chapatti. keep your diet for first two week only on fruit juices.

Mix the oil from bakuchi, neem oil, badam or coconut oil, sandalwood oil, chalmogra oil in equal amount and apply on affected skin.

Best known home remedy for lucoderma at home is psoralea(babchi). Babchi seeds should be keep for three days in the ginger juice then after three days rub those seeds with hand to remove husk then they should be dried and should be make in the form of paste. Take only one gram with luke warm milk daily for atleast one month for good results.

Other good remedy to cure lucoderma is red clay found near the hills or river side. Mix the red clay with ginger juice. Red clay contains copper elements in it which is helpful in bringing back the skin pigmentation and ginger juice will increase the blood flow in the patchy parts. So mixture of both should be applied on affected areas.

Mixing the turmeric with sesame oil and marigold paste and applying is very helpful in this condition.

What diet you should take?

Please do not use salt in any eatable if you are suffering from skin diseases for atleast first two month.

Try to use only fruits in your diet.

Do not take sweets, dairy products, icecreams, cheese, yeast alcohol, meat, fish etc.

Some Ayurvedic Medicines to use in Lucoderma

Note:  However below medicines have no side effect but please do not take below medicines without advice of doctor.

Manjishtadhi kaadha 2 tablespoon daily after meal

Khadirarishta 2 tablespoon after half hour of manjishthadi kaadha

Giloy satva or giloy ras

Bakuchi choorna half tablespoon before sleep

Arogyavardhani vati  2 tablets daily

Keshore guggulu or svayambhuva guggulu 2 tablets after meal with honey or with luke warm water.

Somraji tail for applying over skin. Avoid  intense sunlight exposure.

If condition is worse then please visit ayurvedic hospitals for panchakarma treatment. Examples are below.

  1. Snehana with mahatikta ghrita or mahakhadira ghrita
  2. Svedana means bath with warm water
  3. Virechana with icchabhedi and triphala tablets or kashya


Note:- Every human body is differently react with medicines so please don’t be a doctor by yourself. This site does not promote any medicine. It is based only on home remedies however medicine names are given just for educational purpose. Doctor advice should always be preferred before taking any medicine read over the internet. Because most of the sites including us do not run by a professional doctors.