Castor Plant(Arandi)

Castor plant is also called arandi in india has a biological name Ricinus Communits. Usually this plant found in all over india. Castor is cultivated as well as planted on field sides. It can be around 2m to 4.5m in hight.


Castor stem and sub stem is green and smooth in nature. Castor leaves are divided into sub leaves around 5 to 11 sub leaves per leaf. Castor flowers are red and violet in colour. Fruit of castor plant is a mixture of red and violet colour. Every fruit contain 3 seeds inside which are covered with hard core. Castor plant stem, leaves contains soil particles which gives a feel like sticky when touch from hand. Castor plant is of two type white and red.  Castor is pungent and tasteless in eating and hot in nature.

Use of Castor:- Castor is used in cleaning stomach and considered as equivalent to jatropha curca.

  1. 5 to 10 gm of castor oil taking with luke warm milk help in reducing Veginal pain, Gulm, Gout, Heart diseases, Old fevers, Back pain, Waist pain, Acidity.
  2. It also increases Mind power, increase hunger, Memory power, Heart power.
  3. It can throw out old waste out of the body.
  4. Castor is very useful for Vata and Kapha body type people who is having cold body type.
  5. Castor is very helpful in cytic attacks, excess of water in stomach.
  6. White castor is used in reducing fever, cough, stomach pain, swelling, body pain, head ache, back pain, fat and urinary disorders.
  7. Red castor is used in reducing stomach worms, piles, blood problems, jaundice and some other qualities are as equal to white castor.
  8. Flowers of castor used in reducing cold, cough and abdominal pain.
  9. Seeds paste of castor plant use in body pain, abdominal pain, acne, hunger problems and liver problems.
  10. Castor oil is used in abdominal pain, acne, cold, swelling, back pain, kidney problems.

Harms of Castor:- Castor contains ricin chemical if take in large quantity around 40 to 50 seeds or 10 gm powder form give birth to vomiting which leads to a death of person. As it is considered equal to jatropha it creates loose motion and increase the temperature of human body and results in nausea and intoxication or unconsciousness.

How to use it?

Quantity of castor seeds should be only 2 to 6 seeds.

In oil form it should be taken in only 5 to 15ml and for child above 12 years old should be given only maximum 2 drops.

In powder form should be given only 3 to 4 gm only.

Castor root paste should be given in only 10 to 20 gm or powder should be only 1 to 3gm.

How to reduce the weakness or deficiencies of Castor?

Keeping castor with Tragacanth gum(Sterculia urens) or Gond katira reduce its defects or deficiencies by keeping castor benefits safe. Katira has its own many benefits like reducing breathing problems, heart problems, riching of blood etc.