Bahera (Terminalia bellirica)

Bahera or Vibhitaki is found across India except marshy and dry land. Bahera can be grow up to 30m in height. Bahera leaves are around 7 to 8 cm long. Flowers of Bahera are light green and some yellowish type. Bahera always mixed with other herbs. It is rarely used alone. Bahera unripe fruit is mostly used for making medicines. Bahera powder maximum quantity 5 to 6gm is given in cough, throat, fever, gas problems. Bahera is also the main ingredient of famous recipe name Triphala in ayurveda. Bahera seed oil is used as a hair tonic. Its nature is also purgative like castor oil. Bahera seeds have narcotic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, antipyretic effects. other name given to Bahera is vibhitaki.

In terms of micro biology the properties found in Bahera are anti HIV-1, anti malaria, anti fungal, anti diabetic(reduce blood sugar level), Hepatoprotective properties which protect damage to the liver, it also has asthmatic properties to cure asthma.

Honey counters bahera’s deficiencies.

Uses of Bahera

It is very helpful in relieving gas problems, head ache, liver problems, eye problems, nourish mind, cough problems, piles, white patches problems, blood problems, it also kill stomach worms. Bahera help in stopping nausea or vomiting.

  1. Due to its cold properties it seeds powder is very helpful in inflammable areas of the body.
  2. Using leaves of Bahera mixing with double quantity of sugar helps in reducing cough.
  3. Using rind of Bahera helps in increasing sexual power.
  4. Using rind of Bahera with sugar helps in increasing eye sights.
  5. Mixing leaves of Bahera and datura together then keep the powder in hookah then using it helps in reducing asthma or breath problems.
  6. For hair problems make a powder of Bahera fruit. Keep it in one cup water overnight. Apply it in the roots of hair and wash after one hour.
  7. For Diarrhea burn the bahera fruits and collect it ash. Mix black salt only in one forth of it ash.
  8. In dysentery, acne and in jaundice use Bahera rinds(chilka) morning and evening 5gm.
  9. Using Bahera seed powder helps in reducing kidney stone and urinary problems.


Home remedy for asthma from bahera

Take 40 to 50gm of bahera rind and 2 to 3gm normative nausadar , Sonageru / Sajikhar 0.5 to 1gm. Make a fine powder of Bahera rind and sieve it. Then mix find powder of nausadar and sonageru. Take it only in 2 to 3gm quantity morning and evening with honey. It is very helpful for asthma patients.

Second method

Take 250gm of Bahera fruit. Mash it and sieve it. Mix 10gm of normative nausadar and 5gm of sonageru/sajikhar. Asthma patients should take it in quantity of 3 to 5gm  with honey. It is a good home remedy for asthma patient.

Home remedy for cough,cold and throat infection

Take an earthen pot. Add Bahera fruits and 1 to 2 tablespoon ghee into it. Keep that earthen pot on brazier after 10 to 15 minutes put it off the fire and peel the fruit rind. Chue it in mouth.