Amla which is also called Emblica officinalis, Phyllanthus emblica. Belongs to family Euphorbiaceae. Found in tropical south east area and distributed throughout india from there. It can also can be planted in English we called it Indian gooseberry, emblic. In ayurveda it is mostly famous with name amla, amlaki, amoghaa. Amla is considered as a father of all ayurvedic medicines. Most of the medicines are made with the use of amla.

Fruit—antianaemic, anabolic,

antiemetic, bechic, astringent,

antihaemorrhagic, antidiarrhoeal,

diuretic, antidiabetic, carminative,


Amla used in jaundice,dyspepsia, bacillary dysentery, eye trouble and as a gastrointestinal tonic. Juice with turmeric powder and honey is prescribed in diabetes insipidus. Seed—antibilious, antiasthmatic.Used in bronchitis.Bark—astringent. Leaf—juice is given in vomiting. Amla is given in powdered form in case of paptic ulcer. Amla also work as an antacid. Amla is a great source of vitamin c and amino acids and minerals. Amla tissue contains 3 times more protein concentration and and 160 folds of vitamin c than apple. Amla has higher concentration of amino acids and minerals than apple. Leaves of amla has around 10mg/gm gallic acid other than vitamin c and music acid. Amla leaves also have methanol used in inflammation caused by rat paws. Amla fruit contains super-oxides. Amla have anti-viral and anti-aging properties which means regular intake of amla never let your face dull even in old ages. It also can be taken in the form of juice, powder and tablets. Amla removes all toxins from the body. Amla is sweet, sour, pungent, bitter in taste.

Amla is a great source of iron and calcium too. Amla removes the dead cells from the body which is the main source of diseases. It is a powerhouse of all nutrients of body. People who has their immune system weak should take amla in the form of powder with juices or with salads. Amla is good for health diseases like heart attack, it removes the bad cholesterol. Amla considered as an effective remedy in case if you have constipation. Amla contains high fiber which is a good source to make digestive system very strong. Amla also used in hyperacidity too. Amla regulates the glucose level a better remedy for diabetic patient. Amla increase the haemoglobin level in blood and purify blood by removing toxins. Amla help in reducing hair fall and dandruff. Amla nourish your whole body. It also prevent the formation of gall bladder stone. Amla has anti-inflammatory properties. It improves eyesight. Amla also reduce the risk of cancer. Reduce the pigmentation. If your are having sore throat problems then amla is best for you. Amla also has an ability to reduce cough and TB for this take 30ml amla juice with very few chopped ginger extract and a tablespoon honey. Amla helps us in reducing clogging of arteries or thicking of blood. Amla increase urination level to remove toxins from the body. It also helps us in reducing weight by burning calories. Amla reduce the acidity level in blood. Higher acidity means ulcer problems. Amla reduce the osteoclasts which is responsible for breaking of bones. Osteoclasts reduction will cause streanthen the bones. Taking amla juice with same amount of alovera will reduce the nervous system problems. Taking amla powder with jiggery helps in reducing rheumatism. Amla reduce anaemia risk by taking its juice with cow ghee.