Common Diseases and Their Home Solutions

Some common diseases and their home solutions.

Fever:-  when body temperature rises more than 98.4 degree Fahrenheit  and body feels heat is called fever. To get rid of it we can give Basil leaves tea, honey, juice extract of basil leaves, ginger juice, sugar in liquid form.

VataJwar:- Fever due to Air predominance

Give honey, giloy juice, chiraita juice, long pepper water, basil leaves extracts.

Pittajwar:- Fever due to Bile predominance

Giloy ras, nimbtwak ras( extract made from neem)

Visham Jwar:- A fever which can come any time, any place, can come in alternate days, in day, night.

Use honey, peepal or pipli choorna, harshringar leaves extract, nagarmotha

Sannipat jwar:- When you feel  tired body, burning eyes, joint pain, throat pain, cough, fast respiration, head ache, chest pain, red patches on skin ginger juice, basil leaves extract, dashmoola kwath, pipalimool kwath

Sheet jwar:-  In which people feels cold, shivering.  Boil water add 10-15 black pepper seeds by making a powder and give it to affected person.

Jeern jwar:-  Fever for many days around 21 days. Take honey, peepal, cumin seeds, jaggery, sitopaladi choorna with honey or ghee, jaggery powder with sonth (ginger powder).

Diarrhoea:-  People with diarrhoea  have watery stool. A part of IBS(irritable bowel syndrome).

Use buttermilk,  isabgol with yogurt or milk or luke warm water, rind of kutaj.

Colitis:- buttermilk or yogurt’s water only

Bloody piles:-  Butter, sugar, nagkeshar,  cow ghee original, jaggery powder, amla choorna or amla murrabba.

Piles:- cow ghee and Triphala choorna

Indigestion:-  Hot water, buttermilk with rock salt and asafoetida, lemon juice or onion extract or mint extract, ajowan powder, aniseeds, black pepper, ginger powder, chitrak, asafoetida powder mixed in hot water, add lemon juice to it.

Worm diseases:-  Vaividang salt,  honey, syrup made from root of pomegranate, pineapple leaves extract, date.

Jaundice:- Triphala powder with honey, Triphala powder with sugar or gaumutra, sugarcane juice,  sweet lemon, pomegranate juice.

Hemorrhage:- adhathoda leaves extracts, pomegranate leaves juice, fig, powder made from rind of kutaj, goat milk.

Tuberculosis:- butter, honey and sugar, adhathoda leaves extract, basil leaves extract, betel extract, ginger extract, Liquorice(mulethi).

Cough:- ginger juice with honey, basil leaves extract with sugar

Problem in not coming out of cough:- adhathoda leaves extract with honey, adhathoda leaves extract with sugar, mixture of black grapes with liquorice, drakshasava or pipalasava.

Whooping cough:-  Ripe banana, butter, sugar, dandimavleh, draksharishta, amla murabba(jam).

Hiccups:- ash of peacock’s wings, stone of papal or berry zizyphus with honey together.

Hoarshness of voice:- liquorice(mulethi) decotation.

Vomiting:- alkali solution of papal, cardamom(big) powder or decotation.

Unconsciousness or detour:- Brahmi juice(ras, nector) , milk, sugar(mishri), amla jam, pomegranate juice, cold water, gulqand, coriander snow, syrup made from lemon,  give any one of them or take 50gm of honey after boiling it mix with 10gm of cold water.

Stomach or heart burn:- coriander snow, amla jam, syrup made from lemon, white sandlewood powder mixing in water.

Urinary problems:- Gokharu decotation, rice water, milk, palash or dhak flower with coriander and sugar(mishri)

Gonorrhoea:-  Giloy extract, raw turmeric, amla juice, daruhaldi(Indian barberry) powder.

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