How to Tackle Anxiety Naturally

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is everywhere today in the world even a 5 year children also has an anxiety. It may be due to classroom work, homework, any kind of fear from the teacher or other students. When a child become able to think that is the point when he or she starts feeling anxiety. Even my 3 year old daughter also feels anxiety whenever her teacher or we or any other child scold her. So from where it is generating, why it is generating if we will be able to understand the root cause then only we can finish this from the root.


Ayurveda treatment for Anxiety

In Ayurveda anxiety is always associated with less sleepiness or insomnia, fear, stress of getting something like in case of children it could be a toy or a new thing, in case of young people it could be a stress or to wait for a lover or exam stress, in case of a men and women it can be a business or a job related, bad and oily foods, many reasons according to the situations. These all thoughts creates an anxiety which in turns sadness. Sadness affects our nervous system. Connection between nerves gets slow or fast according to the level of stress, result slowness of heart beat or fast heart beats, effecting blood pressure level.  Now go to the past and see just one anxiety, one unnecessary thought created what?

It created a diseases that may be related to most affected body parts. Like may be nervous system affected, heart, breath and if you left food due to stress then also indirectly punishing intestine.

From where it was started? It was started from mind then to nervous system then to heart then to blood then to whole body. What does it show? It shows first you need to rejuvenate your mind then to your nervous system in Ayurveda it comes under Vata Roga.

How you can rejuvenate your mind and nervous system?

For this drink mind rejuvenating drinks

  1. Boora or valerian or tagar
  2. Nagarmotha

Steep ½ tablespoon of both in a cup of hot water  and drink.

  1. Bathing technique to reduce anxiety is to mix 1/3rd of ginger and 1/3rd of baking soda in a normal water for 15 minutes.
  2. Soak 10 almonds overnight and next day in morning or in evening according to suitability blind them in a mixture add warm milk and blend again. Now add some cardamom powder or a pinch of saffron to it.
  3. Put freshly extracted juice of basil leaves as a nasal drops. Basil leaves are good tonic for nerves and sooth the mind too.
  4. Take Shankhpushpi powder before sleep with cow warm milk.
  5. You can also use cow ghee drops in nasal.
  6. Take white gourd (petha) extract 10-20 ml twice for few weeks.
  7. Brahmi extract is also one of great remedy to cool down the level of anxiety. Take the juice about 10-20 ml per day twice.
  8. Drink orange juice daily in case of loss of appetite due to anxiety.
  9. Mixing equal amount of ginger with lime and a pinch of rock salt keeping in sunlight for 2 to 3 days. Take after meal to increase the appetite.

Some extra tips to get rid of it.

Do not sit empty or alone, keep yourself busy with work or with those people from which you feels a positive energy.

Do yoga like shavasana, padmasana,  long breath inhale and exhale in a park.


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