Vitamins and Their Symptoms

Vitamins and their Symptoms

According to ayurveda each person take their vitamins through food or herbs that are easy to digest. Every dosha is bind with few vitamins. Ayurveda suggest to take coriander and cardamom with vitamins if you have low digestive fire to absorb vitamins and minerals. Ayurveda never advice for oily vitamins which can dampen the digestive system.


Vayu Vitamins requires are A, B3, C, D, E Mineral requires are zinc, calcium

Pitta Vitamins requires are A, B, K, Mineral requires are calcium, iron

Kapha Vitamin requires are B6, D,Minerals not needed

What are the symptoms of deficiency of Vitamin A?

Skin would be Itchy, Scaly, Pimples, Wrinkles, dandruff, dry, rough, premature aging, split nails, thicking of cornea, burning, night blindness, burning.

What are the food sources of Vitamin A?

Food sources are carrot, dairy products, yellow fruits, corn, yellow vegitables, dark green vegitables, soy.

What should be the diet plan if your Vayu is high?

  1. You should eat in every 3 to 4 hours.
  2. You should walk atleast half an hour before meal.
  3. In summer or spring season you should take herbal tea like cardamom, Triphala or ashwagandha tea and in winter you should take milk with ghee, chyavan prash, honey, turmeric, fresh ginger.
  4. In breakfast cardamom, cane sugar, cream of rice with ghee in summer and in winter you should take cream of wheat with ghee, cardamom.
  5. In summer snack should be any sweet fruit or cane sugar sweet with cardamom, in winter herbal tea or almond butter on chapaties with cardamom and ghee.
  6. In summer sweet patatos, lassi, white basmati rice, split yellow moong daal, ghee. In winter also with include of whole wheat chapaties.
  7. In winter baked apple with cinnamon or herbal tea. In summer fennel, sesame seed butter, ghee on chapaties.
  8. In summer dinner should be cardamom, lassi, squash, artichoke pasta, ghee. In winter barley soup, ghee,boiled cabbage, lassi, cardamom.
  9. Snack in summer should be hot ginger, herbal tea. In winter fresh ginger, boiled milk, honey.

What are the benefits of vitamin A?

It reduces acne, gum and teeth problems, strengthen immune system, make bones strong, provide strength and growth to tissues and organs, reduce respiratory infections, increase eye sight, reduce age spots, reduce hypothyroidism.

Loss of vitamin A cause deficiency of zinc and calcium minerals. Lack of calcium and zinc cause white nail spots, leg cramps, weak hair, teeth and gum problems, insomnia, nails, nightblindness, infections, cold, loss of taste and smell.

What food is good to fill the calcium and zinc deficiencies?

Dried fruits, nuts, yogurt, oats, tofu, broccoli, dark green vegetables, seeds like pumpkin or sunflower seeds, milk, carob, grains, soy, green juices.

Below are some antidotes for indigestion.

For Almond Soak them overnight never take them dry.

For Lassi Always mix black pepper, roasted cumin seeds, black salt

For Alcohol Chew Cardamom or Cumin seeds

For Apple Baked apple with Cinnamon, or directly can be taken with Cinnamon.

For Cabbage Cook in mustard seeds, sunflower oil, turmeric

For Red Meat Cloves, Chilli Pepper, Cayenne

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