Common Diseases and Their Cure Part 2

  1. Malaria or any other old Fever:- Take desi ajwain 6gm, 3gm neem giloy leave them in water for overnight. Next morning grind them and then filter it. After filtering add rock salt in it. Now drink it 3 times a day. If children are suffering from any old fever or malaria for that we require lemon leaves. Rub them with your hands tighten it in a thin clean cloth. Sniff it on the children nose.
  1. Urine Diseases:- For this we require 10gm Gokhru , 125gm water. Mix gokhru in water and filter it. Drink it for 3 days on empty stomach. it will solve the problem like blood in urine, yellow urine, pain during urination, stinky urine. It is also work as a kidney cleanser and prevent premature ejaculation .
  1. Severe Back pain or Slipdisk:- For this take an aloevera Peel it and remove spikes from it. Now take out the gel from spoon in a bowl, mix some wheat flour. After mixing roast it in a pan with desi ghee, now mix sugar powder to make a thick halwa. It should be taken on empty stomach for 3 to 4 weeks in morning.

Note:- Aloevera first should be purified in ashes made from dry dung of cow. For this make circles of dung let them dry and now burn them in a brazier(angeethi). After burning let them cool and now put aloevera in ashes for atleast 6 hours.

  1. Leucorrhoea:- A good riped banana with 6gm of desi ghee. It should be taken for atleast 15 days. If you feel cold after taking this remedy then add a honey to it.

Warning:- Remember never add honey and ghee in equal quantities otherwise it will work like a poision.

(II) Take 500gm of water, add 30gm of neem leaves. Boil the leaves in water and wash the vegina morning and evening for one week.

(III) Take half litre of luke warm water add 3gm of alum powder(Fitkari). Wash the vegina 2 to 3 times a day.

  1. Increase Memory Power:- Take shankhpushpi, let it dry in the shadow of a tree, grind it and filter it through a thin cloth. Take 6gm of its powder, 4 seeds of black pepper, add some water and grind them, now add 5 almonds which should be soaked overnight, add sugar. Make a powder of all the mixtures and take this one tablespoon everynight before going to bed for sleep.

Add-on home remedy for multiple common diseases

Shatavari:- Take atleast 5kg of milk, boil it over low flame when milk starts converted into khoa which will be around 1kg then add 50gm of shatavari powder and mix it well. Make a sweetmeat(laddu) of around 20gm size, preserve them in a glass jar. Take one laddu every morning with milk. It will increase memory power, intelligence, glow your skin, cure all lung related problems, prevent body from cough, increase eye sight, make heart strong, prevent from all kinds of weakness, increase sperm count, reduce aging.

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