Common Diseases and Their Cures

Some Common Diseases and their Cures

  1. For Ulcer:- For intestine ulcer take one banana with one tablespoon of desi ghee before 15 minutes of taking lunch or dinner. Conditions of operation will be declined. Taking 8-10 basil leaves in water also cure ulcers.

Restrictions: leave spicy, sour and oily foods.

  1. For Diarrhoea and Dysentery:- For this take 20gm of pomegranate rinds and 200gm of water. Rub the pomegranate rinds (chilka) in water and leave overnight. Sieve the water and drink it morning and evening. It will also stop blood coming during vomiting or through urine.
  1. Convulsion (Marod): Take 2 small seeds of Harad (Haritaki), 1gm asafoetida and one piece of sonth( Dry Ginger). Roast all separately in desi ghee. Now half roast the black salt and make a powder to all the mixtures and take it for one to two week.

Second Method: Take 6gm of poppy seeds(khuskhus), small cardamom 2gm, sugar 12gm. Mix them all and make a powder, keep this powder in glass jar. Take it atleast 3 times a day without water or any liquid. Convulsion will be gone in just 2 days.

  1. Stomach ulcer:- Stomach ulcer can be cure just by taking fenugreek seeds tea or boil the water with 2 tablespoon of fenugreek seed. Drink this water atleast before half an hour of taking food. This remedy can also cure even a people suffering with bone dry.

  1. Appendicitis:- Take atleast 20 Ban Tulsi(Croton bonplandianum) leaves. Mash it with stone and place it on iron spatula. Keep it on low fire remembering it should not be roast, now spread a pinch of salt and mix it. Apply it on affected area for 3 times within 48 hours. It is one of the best home remedy to cure appendicitis.
  1. Knee joint pain:- For this we require 6gm of Vijaysar wood(Pterocarpus marsupium), 250gm of milk, 375gm of water, 2 tablespoon sugar. Mix all ingredients and boil on slow fire. One only one cup remain of milk, sieve it and drink it before sleep. It increases the calcium and also help in joining the broke bones. It is very helpful for old people too who shivers in old stage due to lack of calcium. The good time to take this home remedy is only winters. Vijaysar wood is also helpful in curing neck survical, diabetes. People with diabetes should take vijaysar wood or its powder mixed in one glass water overnight and drink it before sunrise. For survical it should be taken after sunset.
  1. Menstruation cycle disorder:- The day when M.C(Menstruation Cycle) starts. They should take ajwain(carom seeds). For this take two cup of water and two tablespoon of ajwain. Mix ajwain in water and boil on slow fire, when only one cup water remains then add a small old jaggery. Drink this water two to three times a day to cure all M.C disorders.
  1. Sterile(Incapable of Reproduction):- Take 200gm Dalchini(Cinnamon), black sesame seeds 200gm, bhimseni camphor 5gm or simple camphor, utgan seeds 100gm, honey as per taste. Grind each item separately then mix all and again grind to mix. After that mix camphor and honey into it. Take this remedy in morning with warm milk or with water for 40 days.

Note:  Please keep yourself away from physical relations for these 40 days strictly.



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