The Six Tastes

The Six Tastes

According to Ayurveda all foods and liquid contains 6 tastes.

  1. Sweet (Reduce Vayu and Pitta & increase Kapha)
  2. Salty (Reduce Vayu increase Pitta and Kapha)
  3. Sour (Reduce Vayu increase Pitta and Kapha)
  4. Pungent (Reduce Kapha Increase Pitta and Vayu)
  5. Bitter ( Reduce Pitta and Kapha Increase Vayu)
  6. Astringent (Reduce Pitta and Kapha Increase Vayu)

Properties of Six Tastes

V.P.K stands for Vayu, Pitta, Kapha for example VP+ K- means Vata, Pitta increase and Kapha reduced.

Sweet:- VP- K+

What is the effect of Sweet on body?

Physical: if sweet taken in balanced amount it helps in strengthening tissues, complextion, hair, throat, sense organs, make bones strong, longevity, Difficult to digest in nature. Mentally provide a state of happiness and release of stress.

If taken in excess amount can cause diabetes, overweight, indigestion, cancer, enlarge glands.

Salty:- V- PK+

What is the effect of Salty things on body?

Physical: Penetrate tissues, open pores and channels, generate sweat, bursting of tissues. Mentally stop anxiety , calm nerves.

If taken in excess amount can cause Skin disease, thirst, hair problems, weaken immune system, wrinkles.

Sour: V- PK+

What is the effect of sour on body physically and mentally?

Maintain acidity, nourish the body, help in relieving from thirst, good for heart, improve digestion, relieve from burning sensations. Mentally good for awakening mind and sensing organs.

If taken in excess can cause fever, thirst, blindness, itching, herpes, smallpox, weakens the body, swelling.

Pungent: VP+ K-

What is the effect of pungent on body physically and mentally?

Physical:- Help in curing skin diseases, throat problems, allergies, ulcers, help in promoting hunger, digestion, taste,  eliminate excess of doshas. Mentally help to increase mind power.

If taken in excess quantity it increases thirst,  cause depletion of reproductive fluids and strength, increase tremors and pain, fainting.

Bitter: PK- V+

How bitter things react to our body?

Physical:- Help in curing loss of appetite, increase organisms which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense, burning sensations, skin disorders, throat problems, fever, nausea, thirst, increase intelligence. Mentally help to give power to sense organs.

If taken in excess amount can cause depletion of tissues.

Astringent: PK- V+

What Astringent taste do to our body?

Physical:-  Help in curing ulcers, sweat, help in stop bleeding, work as a blood purifier, help in curing diarrhoea, help in curing prolapsed.

If given in excess amount can cause indigestion, constipation, heart burn, loss of the quality of having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive; manliness, make body weak, can block body channels.

Some herbs are below to balance VPK(means good for all doshas).

  1. Triphala to cure eye, constipation, detox colon, diabetes, diarrhoea, gas.
  2. Chayvan Prash provide strength to lungs by curing asthma, cure cough, cure migraines, good for pregnant women, cure anaemia, cure T.B, cure debility.
  3. Shitopaladi increase digestion, reduce burning sensations, fevers, flu, cold.
  4. Dashmul provide strength to tissues, cure arthritis, body pain, stiffness, cold, flu.



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