Bad Food Combination List According to Ayurveda

Bad Food Combinations

Bad Food combinations List

Food has a big role in our life due to food we are alive and working. Food always work as a safeguard to human body. Bad food combination can leads to an ailment. Bad food also has great bad impact on body it do not show it result instantly, years of serving bad food to our body results an hazardous effect by unbalancing the equilibrium of our doshas between vata, pitta, kapha.

Some foods that are given to us by nature are good but very few people knows their benefits or loss however they are health promoters but with other foods they become like a poision. Situation of eating those food with others depend on many factors like in what time they cooked, in which season they cooked, how they are preserved, and with what other food they were combined. Unfortunately instead of providing health benefits they cause or result an ailment. Ayurveda see food in terms of doshas and dhatus so you may be unaware but your body aware about the reaction after mixing to those food.

Food that we eat will first impact our digestive system because digestive system decide whether it was able to digest and remove the waste out of keeping important chemicals that it will supply to body. If waste not be properly eliminated then it will start affecting the dhatus slowly and steadily. In this way body gets prone to various diseases and it became difficult to a doctor to catch its root cause till than it do not reach to its 5th or 6th stage.

Below are some Bad Food Combinations for body(reference taken from aushadh darshan book by acharya balakrishnan)

  1. Taking milk with lemon, salt or salty vegetables like salad and chapaties, yogurt, , fish, wine, sour fruits or anything which contain salty and sour things, grain flour with gram flour, green and raw salad, drum sticks, tamarind, musk melon, Bengal quince, coconut, Indian hog plum, monkey jack, cranberry, star fruit, blackberry, wood apple, pomegranate, Indian gooseberry, angled luffa, molasses, sesame cake, horse gram, Turkish gram, Indian millet.
  2. Yogurt with musk melon, cucumber, hot food, cheese, milk
  3. Rice with alcohol, sattu, grain flour of barley, sour fruits, lemon etc.
  4. Rice with vinegar
  5. Honey with ghee, oils, grapes, radish, hot substance, hot milk, hot water, sugar, wine, hot honey.
  6. Taking oil(mustard) with mushroom
  7. Ghee present in brass container for more than 10 days
  8. Mint with watermelon or cold water
  9. Icecream with honey or any cold item with honey
  10. Excessive salt
  11. Taking raw sprout with cooked food
  12. Combination of garlic and yogurt, garlic and milk, muskmelon and garlic, muskmelon with water, sesame paste with Malabar spinach, muskmelon with radish leaves.
  13. Taking black pepper and jiggery, long pepper, honey with black nightshade.
  14. Taking banana with ghee
  15. Taking black gram with radish

Above food combinations are bad for health and in future always lead to a disease whether related to memory, skin or nervous system. There is no hard and fast rule that above combinations will definitely affect the body people who do regular exercise, yoga or asanas, pranayamas  regularly they have great immunity power due to their high fire(digestive system) strong. Affect of above food is almost negligible to them if they do not regularly use above combinations. For a good health and longetivity it is better to avoid them.

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