Yoga An Alternative Medical Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a Sanskrit term came from india by vedic rishies. Yoga means to unite, coordinate and energize. Yoga has the power to integrate the body, mind and spiritually to unfold hidden powers. Yoga increases the ordinary powers to exponential level beyond human limitations. Yoga secretly energies our body and natural intelligence power. it can heal body and mind extraordinarily by structuring the imbalances in the body like immune system disorders, joint pains, hormonal problems, nervous system disorders, tension, stress etc. Ayurveda and Yoga both are considered as sister science. Ayurveda lies on three doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha and three gunas sattva, rajas, tamas.

By regular practicing yoga chronic diseases can be healed even if in medical science it has no cure. Yoga can reverse any ailment if do properly. Some examples of diseases are weak immune system, thyroid, fatigue, insomnia, emotionally unstable, digestive system diseases, arthritis, heart diseases, asthma, stress etc.

Two types of yoga

  1. Hatha yoga
  2. Raj yoga

Hatha yoga is the combination of posture, breathing and meditation like a triangle of spiritual practice.

Raj yoga is also called a ashtanga yoga which means 8 limbed yoga because it requires 8 levels of practice.

8 levels of Raj Yoga

  1. Yamasà tends to behaviour
  2. Niyamasà tends to life style development
  3. Asanaà tends to postures of yoga
  4. Pranayamaà control of prana(life)
  5. Pratyaharaà control of sense
  6. Dharanaà tends to concentration
  7. Dhyanaà tends to meditation
  8. Samadhià realization

Yamas are practiced to control and eliminate disturbing behaviour and make aware about right living in a social and personal manner by developing a self decipline. Yamas is further divided in to five parts.

  1. Ahimsaàtends to non harming nature
  2. Satyaà tends to truthful
  3. Bhrahmacharyaà tends to right use of sexual energy
  4. Asteyaà tends to non stealing
  5. Aparigrahaà tends to non possessive

Niyamas are practiced to give right path to life style development which means our daily basis action and living. It also further divided in to five parts.

  1. Shaucha à tends to cleanliness and purity
  2. Santoshaà tends to contentment
  3. Tapasàtends to self decipline
  4. Svadhyaya à tends to self study
  5. Ishvara Pranidhanaàtends to surrender to the divine will

Asana means yoga postures to remove toxins from body and releasing the tension from the body.

Pranayama means to control body and mind. If your life has any significant goal then regular practice of pranayama increase the power of your conscious mind by energizing your body.

Pratyahara develops the sense organ to contact with external world. Sense always affect the mind too. It directly refers to access the peace and silence in ourself. By mastering this we can go into a deep relaxed state.

Dharana means to stabilize and attentive, concentrative to ourself.

Dhyana means to do meditation. Meditation is use to control mind. If we get into the state of meditation our knowledge power can work more faster than machines.

Samadhi means to dedicate towards whatever our goal is by forgetting ourselves and worries of external world completely. It requires a long term practice to master it.


Mental types based on Gunas

  1. Sattvic type
  2. Rajasic type
  3. Tamasic type

Sattvic type people are concentrated, peaceful , calm lovers, take action spontaneously, faith , love, devotion, always give priority to others first.

Rajasic type people ambitious, jump from one thing to other thing to fulfil the desire,active, little peace, calm, think about themself first only protect them who served them, they don’t like obstructions in their path. By emotion they are fill with anger. They have Dual quality either can upgrade to sattvic or can downgrade to tamasic.

Tamasic type people mentally dull, they have little motive or no motive to achieve in life, they faces a difficulty to change themself, unable to express, easily fall into violence.

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