Asana(Yoga) Description

Asana is combination of life and nature out of which some poses reflects image of warriors, animals and plants.

Virabhadra asana reflects attitude of worrier, Padmasana reflects lotus pose, vrkshasana reflects tree pose, simhasana reflects a lion pose, adho mukha asana reflects a dog pose, these are just not only names but also give same energy and power when practice daily. For example for a snake position there is bhujangasana which makes nervous system strong and give you the power to hold body weights by giving strength to our spine.

Before doing a practice on asana you should be aware of your body type out of vata, pitta, kapha.

If your body type belongs to Vata then you need to keep your mind calm , concentrated , breath should be deep, don’t use force suddenly to change the pose, do yoga slowly, your energy level should be somewhere about firm.

For Pitta body type mind should be at detached state with awareness, breath should be cool , exhale the heat through mouth after inhale from nose. Energy level and body level should be cool.

For Kapha body type mind should be like a flame in  awake state. Breath should be deep and rapid, warm up is necessary before starting yoga, warming state of body required.

Mind has two parts one is conscious and other is unconscious. An unconscious mind has unlimited powers but in a sleep conditions. If you want to increase the power of your mind then first you need to take over on breath system.  Try it from the morning when you wake up just focus on your breath sound when you taking food, walking, warming up and yoga poses. Try to listen the breath sound of your nostrils with different postures it will help you to notice the stress level on different poses and you will be able to hear any disturbance in the poses. Change your poses by keeping focus on breath and release stress. Day by day when you daily master this you will be in determined state and no distractions will break your concentration even if you are a student, an employee or anything you will only be focused on your goals.


Guidelines to practice yoga

  1. Your behaviour will determine your focus ultimately converts into results to change the results you need to change your focus.
  2. Learn from mistakes
  3. Always stay fresh when you do yoga. If your body is feeling sleepy then do warm up for 5 minutes
  4. Results will not come in a day so please do not try to overpower your body by excess of yoga.
  5. Take time to prepare for yoga.
  6. Do yoga for small time and be focused for better results.
  7. During the time of yoga do not think past and future related things it creates unnecessary pressure on mind and focus.
  8. Treat Vata as a flower, Pitta as a friend and Kapha as a enemy to balance them. If your body is of Vata type then apply oils to your joints after yoga practice daily before bath or sleep. It will improve flexibility of the body and remove dryness. In Pitta body type coconut oil is best to overheated parts, some more oils to apply are sesame oil, mustard oil, a cow ghee, sunflower oil, these oils are best for vatta, pitta and kapha body types.



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